Family Law 101 Pt: 1

family-lawWhether you have heard of family law or not, it is a vital piece of our country’s legal system and plays a major part in many people’s lives. Family law concentrates its focus to surround anything and everything relating to a family and the courtroom. I have taken the liberty of giving you a brief description of certain pillars that make up the family law section of our legal system. Enjoy and please feel free to share!

Marriage Law:

When looking at marriage law its vital to look at all aspects of a marriage for better or for worse. When a couple decides to get married it changes everything in terms of the scope of their respective lives. There are many things to look at with a marital union such as property, prenuptial agreements, changing of names, postnuptial agreements, and more.


On the flip side of the coin divorce is also a reality that many people face these days. Divorce is a highly involved process for lawyers and the legal system as a whole. Divorce is also a very busy time that requires rather quick action between the two parties to settle on things like money, allocation of assets, alimony, property, and more.

Child Custody:

Child custody tends to go almost hand in hand with divorce and is all too frequent in today’s society. Should a family, that has children, become divorced there is usually a dispute on whole should get full custody of the child or children. The results of child custody can include sole custody, joint custody, physical custody, legal custody, and grandparent visitation & custody.

Child Support:

Upon the completion of a divorce, child support becomes a reality for the parents of the child. When looking into child support there are tons of variables to consider. Knowing the proper steps, the dos and don’ts, and calculating support amounts are just the beginning. Having a valued and trusted lawyer will help mediate the arrangements between parental parties to ensure an even relationship to best provide the children with financial support.


In recent years adoption has grown in popularity all over the world. Parents that either choose to adopt because they prefer it or choose to adopt due to natural reasons look to homes and centers for guidance and fulfillment of their family wishes. Consulting with a lawyer regarding adoption will mean proper document gathering, eligibility information, adoption laws per each state, and much more.

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Joshua Stubbins