Alternative Areas of Work for Lawyers

worker-joshua stubbinsMany students head to law school with dreams of working in one of the most popular and successful firms out there. To everyone’s dismal, there are just not enough spots available for every law student to achieve that dream. A lack of legal jobs is a problem acknowledged by the industry. The solution lies in educating new lawyers and current law students about careers in areas different than a standard firm.

Professional counseling as a career is one option. This individual can speak to and motivate other law students. They will be able to relate on a higher level because they share many of the same experiences. Conflict resolution and negotiation is another area where legal mediation skills may be useful. Countries who work with nongovernmental organizations also need the knowledge of law to successfully carry out their plans. On a related note, government is certainly an area where a law degree is valuable. Politicians such as President Obama and others began in law. While this parallel makes sense, there is a reduction in the number of law graduates going into politics. Aspects of finance such as taxes, estates, and small businesses benefit from having a legal understanding.

Other unsuspecting areas that can be positively influenced by someone with a law degree include entrepreneurship and academia. An important factor that joins law and entrepreneurship include the ability to understand and negotiate business contracts. Next, participating in research or teaching law in schools may be a beneficial direction for lawyers.

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